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Motivated by simple, and eco-friendly fun!

Water Splatz was created in 2018. Our goal was to provide an eco-friendly alternative to water balloons, that were easy on the checkbook, with appealing shapes and fun for the whole family. The Water Balloon shape was inspired by Left in Knots, but was redesigned by Water Splatz creator, Ashlee, with new designs being created by Ashlee yearly. 

Our dream is 3 fold.  We hope to provide stay at home parents, who love to crochet, a job they can do without missing a moment with their children. We want to do our part in taking care of our world by cutting down on one use plastic. Lastly, we want to inspire more families to come together and have more fun! You can help us provide jobs to more stay at home parents, put a little less plastic in the world, and bring families together by spreading our name and purchasing your first set of Water Splatz today!

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