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Tysso Prp-300 Driver [TOP]

1st of all Happy New year. I am very new with Sambapos and like that software so much just having some issue with my printer setup. I have printer in my Juice bar which is a network printer SenSonic T300 and my driver is using PRP-300. The issue i am facing is SambaPOS dose not print any ticket to the juice bar but the printer was been setup correctly and even i can make test print on the printer without having any issue. i have attached images to check where i am doing wrong? Thanks for your support.Printer Issue2.jpg1366768 85 KBPrinter Issue.jpg1366768 77.4 KBPrinter Issue3.jpg1366768 164 KB

Tysso Prp-300 Driver

Download Zip:

To make use of this driver, your server (where PHP is installed) must be able to communicate with your printer. Start by generating a simple receipt and sending it to your printer using the command-line.

When trying out a new brand of printer, it's a good idea to use the "simple" CapabilityProfile, which instructs the driver to avoid the use of advanced features (generally simpler image handling, ASCII-only text).

"@context": " ","@type": "Product","aggregateRating": "@type": "AggregateRating","ratingValue": "4.4","bestRating": "5","worstRating": "1","reviewCount": "8","name": "Tysso Pos Thermal Printer

This is the driver to control the device, which is connected to the USB/Ethernet port, as the virtual serial port or virtual parallel port from the POS application program. It can control the USB/Ethernet connection device through the POS application program for the serial/parallel connection.

TM Virtual Port Driver for TM-S Ver.8.60eThis driver is a serial/parallel-USB conversion driver to make the TM-S9000MJ/TM-S9000II-MJ/TM-S2000MJ/TM-S2000II-MJ connected via USB accessible from a POS application through virtual COM/LPT ports, and via ethernet accessible from a POS application through virtual COM/LPT ports. 350c69d7ab


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